September 9, 2005

On Tuesday, the cast and crew of Lennon embarked on a sixteen-gig marathon. The reason? Schedule change. Since the show made it's world premiere in San Francisco five months ago, it's been running Tuesday through Sunday with Mondays off. That's about to change. From now on our off days will be Sunday and Monday and we'll perform on Monday evenings. It's not a change any of us are terribly fond of; we enjoyed doing Sunday matinees and having two evenings off afterwards. But since most theatres are dark on Monday, we can capitalize on Monday night business since we'll be one of the few shows open then, so a strong turnout is possible.

So why, you may ask, don't we just take this Sunday off, have a short week and start up again on Monday, instead of the backbreaker? Uhhh, that's a good question and I have no answer at all. But we're running straight through because the schedule says so, and the stand-by's are standing close by these days, in case an exhausted throat gives out somewhere. Some are already showing signs of fatigue and I may find myself onstage this weekend, but I never count on it, not with this resilient group.

Lately I've been spending a lot of time with my guitar up in my dressing room at the top of Mt Broadhurst. I'm working on a couple of new song ideas and also working up a couple of cover tunes with Will. He asked me to accompany him for a brief set he's doing at a small cabaret on 46th, following Saturday night's performance. Fine with me, I always like a gig, and I'm starting to get the bug again, as I knew I would, now that I have some time to actually pursue them. These days it's just me playing solo; I'm still not plugged into the live music scene here (shame on me). Even though I'm surrounded by some of the best cats in the industry every night, it's not quite the same vibe. Besides, it's best to keep the two entities separate.

Meanwhile, attendance at the theatre has steadily improved despite the gloomy September forecasts, and fired-up crowds like the one tonight are growing more common. If there's one thing this piece of work has going for it besides raw talent, it is passion, onstage and in the house. The Lennonites have a lot to do with that. The energy starts in the front row with them and works its way back like a ripple. Thanks to them, word of mouth on the street and online is better than ever, and we can all breathe a little.