September 14, 2005

My wife and son have gotten into a nice little routine of coming into the city with me on Sundays and hanging out at the Broadhurst while the matinee goes on. I could not be happier about this. In Austin, it always seemed like a big thing just to drive downtown, park somewhere and hang out, especially if there was a gig involved. Not here. The appeal of Manhattan is like the strongest magnet on the planet. Where else can you eat out every day for a year and never visit the same place twice, not to mention never get a bad meal? And that's just in Hell's Kitchen!

Unfortunately, the Sunday matinees have now come to an end. That doesn't mean we have to stop coming into town, though. On the contrary, We'll likely get a lot more done without having the day cut in half by a commitment on 44th st. Midtown's fine and all, but it's always crowded with tourists and there's so much more life to be found elsewhere. We may actually get to hang out in the East Village for awhile instead of merely driving past it. Or the upper west, or upper east. Wherever we want for as long as we like. I could get used to that.

This Sunday, however, I wasn't feeling all that well, and what I'd hoped was just an early fall allergy attack blossomed into a full blown head cold by the middle of the night. I had a Monday afternoon meeting to attend, so I had to go into town early, and wouldn't you know it, I got called in to perform for Chad that night. I didn't have much of a voice to work with, but I had to go on. I was the less sick of the two of us. Even though it wasn't the best night I've had vocally, it still felt good; it always does. And it was well received. But by the end of the night my larynx was in shreds, and the next day I barely had a voice to speak of (or with). Luckily Chad was back in on Tuesday and I could take the evening off for some much needed rest. This week is Swing Week, without a doubt. Four starts have either called out or scheduled off days this week, so we've all been busy, especially Nicole. Mark Ford also went on this evening and had his first shot at doing Chuck's job (and did damn well, I might add). This leaves three cast members who haven't missed a gig (Will, Mandy and Terrence). One of them could go down next; who will it be?

I wouldn't bet on Terry; he's a diehard. But I've been wrong before...