May í99

Few areas have as many talented songwriters and musicians all gathered together in one place as Austin; itís a friendly community where almost everyone shares ideas and lends a hand. Singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/producer Darin Murphy is coming from a different place. Rather than reach out and draw in, he has basically taken the reclusive approach by writing, producing and performing the entire project essentially by himself. There is a smooth blend of Southern savoir-faire with 60ís British pop which ultimately results in a totally American-minded effort. But to say Solitarium is the shallow, mindless bubblegum kinda pop that seems to be seeping out from every crack would be to sell it woefully short. Hey, thereís lyrical depth here and even some impressive, off-center-playing going on. Of the album, Darin says, "itís an expensive-sounding record that we wound up making for almost nothing." Whatever the cost, itís worth a good listen. By the way, Darinís the younger brother of Trish Murphy.

Suggested songs: So You Think; You Must Be Wondering; Stuck In A Hole.