Fender "Strelecaster"
Japanese Telecaster with a Strat body and Tele neck, Rio Grande pickups and "photo flame" finish.

Fender Stratocatster, '57 Reissue, '82

I played it live for years, but I haven't used it much lately except on a few studio tracks.

Epiphone Sorento, mid ninties
This Korean model is Actually owned by Trish, but in my indefinite custody. I put Grover tuners on it.

Epiphone Casino, 2005
A gift from Lennon creator/director Don Scardino. I haven't used it for anything yet.

Gibson Les Paul Standard, '80
Given to me by a fan in 1990, and I've used it off and on, onstage and on the tracks.

Rickenbacker 345, '67
My first electric guitar, aquired in 1981. Even with the neck snapped in two and repaired, it still plays great. Originally a 330, I added a third pickup and a Bigsby vibrato.

Rickenbacker 360/12v64
One of the earlier 12-string reissues from 1987. I've replaced the tuning keys and modified the pickups and wiring so they match those of the originals. I string it up with Rickenbacker strings and it sounds right. Sometimes my sister plays it (see enlargement).

Takamine acoustic, mid-seventies
Aquired in 1984, now deceased. I used it on a track called Gina Gardenia and it fell apart soon after.

Ibanez Roadstar II (not shown for a good reason).
No self-respecting bassist would even admit to having a bass like this, but what can I say, it landed in my lap. Records real well (see Boxing Day)!

Hofner ? (model and date unknown)
A 3/4 scale bass with all the standard Hofner hardware, but a solid, P Bass-shaped body. Sounds like what it is.



VOX AC30 Top Boost, 2001
A recent KORG reissue of the classic amp, all tube with Celestion blue alnico speakers.

VOX AC30 Top Boost Reverb, 1992
Part of the Rose Morris series. A unique version, not as authentic as the newer Korg models, but still a fine machine. All tube but for the solid state rectifier, and loaded with Celestion G12H speakers

VOX Conqueror, 1968
A hand-wired 30 watt solid state amp that's been getting a lot of studio time lately, but not used much on stage. Loaded with JBL K120 speakers.

VOX Cambridge 15 (not shown)
A 15 watt amp with an 8" celestion speaker, tube preamp and solid state output. Not bad for the studio, especially when used with bigger speakers.


I borrow a lot of guitar effects - Univibe, Flanger, vintage chorus, fuzz box, etc., but my live rig is simple and minimal.  I run guitars through a Boss Chromatic Stage Tuner, an Ibanez compressor, a VOX Valve Tone V810, and a Pro Co Rat.  After that the signal hits an A/B box, and two cables run over to the Brilliant and Vibe/Trem Channels of an AC30. 

I also keep a couple of wah-wah's, VOX and Crybaby, at the shop along with a Line 6 Digital Delay modeler, Heil Sound Talk Box and some miscellaneous junk.


Hohner Special 20 harps, all keys.


Ludwig Super Classic, 1968 (fig. J)
 22"x16"x13" with a blue oyster pearl finish. Usually played with a '63 14"x5" black diamond pearl snare - I've played this kit exclusively up til early 2002, when I retired it to the studio.

Ludwig Hollywood Series, 1969 (not shown)
22"x16"x13" with a red sparkle finish. It was once a 5-piece setup, but the original 12" rack tom is long gone and I've since found a 12" Club Date series tom that works fine. A wonderful sounding kit, especially live.

Other Snares
Ludwig marching snare, mid-nineties, 14"x9" with twelve lugs and a maple finish.
Yamaha chrome snare, 14"x6", mid-eighties.


Zildjian A Custom 16" crash
Zildjian 18" crash (mid 60's)
Zildjian 18" crash (mid 60's)
A Brilliant 20" crash

Zildjian 14" New Beat High Hats
Sabian AA
18" crash
Paiste 3000 20" ride
Paiste Sound Formula 12" splash

There's also a couple of old Ludwig/Paiste Hi Hats from the 60's, so trashy sounding they're almost not worth mentioning, but there ya go.


WURLITZER Student model electric piano
GEORGE STECK upright acoustic piano



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