Haunted Gardenias tracks

Metro B [3.17 mb]

Boxing Day (edit version)[5.43 mb]

Turning Into You [4.4 mb]

Blackberry Plain (edit version) [4.1 mb]

Solitarium tracks

She's Better Than Me [3.8 mb]

Sermon On Mars [4.2 mb]

Don't Look at Me [4.2 mb]


These tracks were done strictly as recording excercises when I was first learning to produce. They have since become legendary and earned me a reputation as a scary freak. I performed the first four myself on a Tascam 4-track cassette machine between 1991 and 1997. Sexy Sadie was done with Mack McNabb on an MCI 1" 8 track machine in 1999, with Mac contributing bass, organ, guitar and tambourine. Philip Edwards played electric piano. It was intended for a White Album tribute CD, which never materialized. Come Together was done by me on Pro Tools in 2001, with my pal Kyle Crusham engineering. Someone hired me to do it once.

Ticket To Ride [3.8 mb]

All My Loving [2.4 mb]

This Boy [2.8 mb]

Help! [2.6 mb]

Sexy Sadie [4.9 mb]

Come Together [4.8 mb]



The Road Ahead (is paved with bastards) [3.8mb]
An unreleased track recorded live for the corresponding video, remixed for your listening pleasure.


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