Wow, the first and last time we'll see this date in our lifetime. Don't it give you a chill?

Me, neither.

Not like the chill I get when think of the lies we've been fed over the past three years, which are no different from the lies told by our enemies. Forty-odd percent of Americans still think Iraq was responsible for 9-11; almost as many still think the WMDs are out there somewhere, and fifty percent think that being lied to 237 times by our leaders and playing directly into the hands of the enemy is "worth it". When the truth comes out, agents are dispatched to distort, descredit, and confuse. But truth is like water; it will always find its way through the cracks, and it may only drip at first, but eventually it will widen its path and flow freely.

It's happening all over, in households, campuses, churches, businesses and governments around the globe. I'd like to think of this century as one where truth prevails. Nothing is more important. Love IS all you need, but how many really know what it takes to aquire it? Anyone can be smiley touchy huggy, but truthful? That's the tricky part, and that's what it takes to cultivate genuine love. Without it love is nothing more than an empty emotion, and may as well be hate.

Hate is the most powerful destructive force we've ever known, and often dances in a chain cycle with lies. The more lies we accept, the more we hate, then the more inclined we are to spread lies, and so forth. But when our word is impeccable, spoken and acted out, our level of outer and inner respect grows, mutual trust grows, and therefore love grows. It doesn't always feel good, mind you. Love is not always about comfort, but it is always about being true.

This is a tense and exciting year, and we all want to contribute. We can start by getting our word on.

Happy Easter.





Ah, sometimes six months goes by really fast, sometimes it don't. It seems to me to have gone by very slowly, actually, yet I still have trouble lately keeping up these damn newsletters.

I suppose I should answer a few questions. First, what's up with the "Screenwriter" film? Well it's just a little fun I had with a flimmaker pal named Ron Poppin, who submitted it to the Austin Film Festival last year and it actually did well, winning the trailer competition (whatever that is). He and Wally Williams wrote the lyrics and I put them to music and got the Real Heroes' Ben Hotchkiss to sing it. I did backup vocals (along with a cameo by Sara Hickman) and played the announcer guy.

Secondly, many have been asking about LENNON, the musical. What is that, you ask? It's a new musical being produced for the Broadway stage based on the life and music of John Lennon. Yoko Ono has approved the script and is very enthusiastic about the show. What's it have to do with me? I auditioned for the show in New York last month and I must say it went very well. I must also say that it was the Fab Fourgeries on this very site that impressed the director and helped me get my foot in the door. Did I make the cast? I dunno yet, and I won't know until sometime in December, so just forget about it for now.

Meanwhile, I just nailed down an opening gig for Neil Innes! Innes appeared in the Monty Python films and also wrote songs for them, but he is best known as his alterego, Ron Nasty of The Rutles. Eric Idle created the Rutles and Neil Innes wrote all of their songs. He was also a member of England's Bonzo Dog Band in the 1960's, and made a cameo appearance in the Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour film. Playing on the same stage as Neil is a fantasy I've had since I was an adolescent. I'm a lucky guy.

In other news, K TEL Hit Machine is back in the saddle, now with my sister Trish on vocals and guitar. this adds a whole new dynamic to the band and has boosted our reputation as THE best party band in Austin. Austinites can catch a rare public glimpse of the group on Saturday November 6. See the shows page for details.

Also, I turned 40 years old on October 17. And I'm here to tell ya, 40 Rocks! My wife kicked off the celebration a week early with a surprise party at our house that could only be topped by John Travolta's 50th birthday (we'll talk about that some other time). I celebrated for two weeks solid and I wrapped it up last Saturday by attending a Brian Wilson concert. Absolutely the sweetest and most amazing show I've ever seen by anyone, period. The past few months have been the most cosmic I've ever experienced, and it doesn't appear to be slowing down.

And finally, VOTE ON NOVEMBER 2ND! Even if you're jaded by the attack ads and fact checkers, it's no reason not to pick a candidate and make your voice heard. To say your vote doesn't count is to admit defeat and deny your own citizenship. Who wants that hanging over their heads? Go and do your duty.

Happy Halloween.





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