Q Magazine, UK
Feb 2000

DARIN: SOLITARIUM (When!/Castle Music)

twangy-guitared pert pop from Texan singer-songwriter Darin Murphy.

Darin have [sic] become cult darlings in America following the release of their debut album last year. Revered by those who worship The Beatles, Badfinger, The Byrds and Big Star, this album has become a sought-after item in the UK. Finally released here, it's far less of an obvious homage to it's alleged roots than might have been expected. It's an erratic opus, with Darin Murphy - brother of country singer Trish - offering torch songs, squeaky clean McCartneyisms, Teenage Fanclubbery, a touch of Americana soul, punk-lite and all points between. Murphy is a gifted songwriter with an emotive vocal foil, but as impressive as Solitarium is in places, it's style-swings make for a somewhat disjointed journey.*** (Dave Henderson)